Remember The Titans? We Do

No we don’t mean the movie. No we aren’t talking of soldiers who came back from a war near impossible to win let alone civilize thereafter. We are talking about stuffs from our mundane life that help us live a happy and prosperous life. With all the ruckus, paraphernalia of a fast life, ironically few people actually realize the value of petty things in life. From the ubiquitous toothpaste to the aromatic coffee, it is only in the absence of such fulfillment that we understand their true value.

Let’s go back a century or so, when vacuum cleaners were a pain to use, air conditioning was a sci-fi dream and space travel was next to impossible. Life was so laid back and simple. No worries, no home appliances to really consider, settling down sure did seem easy. Move ahead a decade or two and the first air conditioners came into existence, the first planes dropped bombs and a couple more decades led to nuclear energy used for all the wrong reasons. Did we forget the lessons all such monumental events taught us? Every single invention by humans is fraught with the desire to gain power until profit in the greater good becomes affordable to propagate. Unfortunately that is the only lesson that our civilization has understood and perfected.

Folks, let’s take a step back and begin scrutinizing just how materialistic our lives have become. We are no longer passionate and social beings, we are the children of insurmountable desire and maybe, just maybe that is the secret to our so called, evolution.